Instructions for OmniChat!

Chatting Instructions

  • To enter the Chat, point your browser to and click on the chat area that you wish to enter. Inside of the chat area , click on the name of the room you wish to enter. The room screen will appear and you just select a name for yourself, type it into the "Enter your name" box, and hit enter!! The chat screen will appear and you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and, in the text box, enter your thoughts. Submit them to the chat by clicking on the "Talk/Chat/Send" Button.

  • When you enter the chat, the refresh rate defaults to 40 (approx. seconds) and the number of messages displayed defaults to 10. Both of these values can be updated for your chat session by changing the values at the bottom of the chat screen. To do this, change the values inside of the box and set them by clicking on the "Talk/Chat/Send" button. (to increase the length of time you have to submit a message, set the refresh rate to a higher number) You can also click on the Suspend Refresh link to halt the chat while you type.

  • To send a Private Message, type your message in the text box, select the name of the recipient from the "Send Private Message To:" box, and then clicking on the "Talk/Chat/Send" button. The private message will be delivered to the recipients screen but will not be displayed to anyone else, including the sender. Privates continue to display on the recipients screen until they check off the "Delete Box" and click on the "Talk/Chat/Send" button.

  • To Use an image, type the full URL of the image in the "Use my picture(URL):" box. Images can also be used inside the chat screen itself by using the HTML
    < img src="http://......" > tag inside of the message box.

  • The Display No Images to Me: checkbox eliminates images from being incorportated into you chat session. By clicking this checkbox and submitting the setting using the "Talk/Chat/Send" button, you can have text only chat.

  • The Ignore Feature is used by putting the IP address (the number next to a chatters name), inside of the box at the bottom of the screen and clicking on the "Talk/Chat/Send" button. (Multiple should be separated by commas) this completely eliminates the person/persons you are ignoring from your chat session.

  • Also, all common HTML commands are valid, including links, tables, and images.
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